Koko Head Park is an up-and-coming indie rock band from the heart of Munich that has made a name for itself with its infectious music and creative song lyrics.
Formed in 2011, the band consists of four friends Vincent, Johannes, Tim and David, who all bring their unique talents and creative influences to the music.

Koko Head Park's music is an intriguing blend of indie rock, pop and folk that takes the listener on a journey. With catchy melodies, infectious guitar riffs and profound lyrics, they create an atmospheric soundscape that both makes you think and makes you want to dance.

The band has already released several notable songs, including Monsters, Ways and AOMO. Their music is a testament to their impressive development and continuous pursuit of artistic growth.

Koko Head Park is known for their rousing live performances. The band knows how to captivate the audience and create an energetic atmosphere that makes the concert experience unforgettable. With their charismatic stage presence and musical skills, they inspire fans all over the world.


The future will be bright and loud.

Follow us on our journey!